Without history there would be no future...


Pine Crest Farm opened in 1929 and has been in our family since 1958. It is more than just property, it is a member of our family. It is a place of childhood firsts. First go-kart ride. First successful fishing trip. It holds memories of loved ones that we have lost. If the walls of each cabin could talk, they would tell stories of a hardworking family who laughs and loves unconditionally. It would tell stories of horse races, go-kart rivalries, early morning fishing trips, bonfires and smores, 4th of July fireworks, family reunions and more. Pine Crest has changed through the years, but without its history we would not be where we are today.


Pine Crest was a resort in the 1920s. Similar to the family resort in the movie Dirty Dancing, families traveled to the Catskill Mountains for a getaway.

We have come a long way, but there is still more work to do. We are grateful for the many helping hands that donate their time and talents to the construction of Pine Crest Farm Camp.


This is the current view of the main cabin. Ricky, Steve, and volunteers are currently in the process of finishing the inside, which will have a sleep area, kitchen, bathrooms, and more for our campers.


The model above is our dream for Pine Crest: a property filled with cabins, a barn, pool, gardens, a tennis court, and other activities for campers and their families.